not only do i now have a five month old sweet baby bee, but she is finally sleeping through the night! woo hoo! not sure what i’m going to do with myself getting all of this sleep. i almost feel like a bum! :)

love her to pieces!


just a few opinions…

here goes.

if your occasional zit gets you down, try burt’s bee’s blemish stick. it’s perfect. all natural ingredients and no drying or harsh ingredients or side effects. i dab the first sight of irritation and it’s dead by the next day. seriously. and i have uber sensitive skin!

lansinoh lanolin is awesome. it reminds me of a more intense aquaphor. it is also all natural {safe enough for babies to ingest}! it has it’s lovely post-natal uses, but i have also found it to be useful in other ways. for instance: my bee’s little spots of super dry skin love this stuff. also, it’s great for super chapped lips and cuticles {esp in winter} and lately, after i shave my legs {i ALWAYS get razor burn} i apply this to my leg where i know the burn will later appear. and if i do use it, no burn! just super supple legs.

next is the best performance polish i can find. sally hansen’s hard as nails extreme wear polish stays on. period. i put it on mine {and bee’s} toenails over two weeks ago and it hasn’t budged! esp on my toes, polish either chips or starts to wear off, but not this stuff. if you want color that stays, stick to the extreme wear from sally.

p.s. the color choices are great! my current is mint sorbet.

okay, if you want really good and cheap shampoo/conditioner, you have to try the suave professionals in the rosemary mint or almond shea butter. they both are great! i alternate between the two and sometimes mix and match. they smell really nice and make my hair super healthy, shiny and soft. and no build-up, just sqeaky clean!

okay, so i’m on a new mascara…again…but i have fully converted and refuse to go back to the useless wannabe’s. this not only GROWS your lashes {swear it does}, but it has that perfect dior show brush {just a smidge smaller}! it’s the perfect mascara! thank you, revlon.

random…but….adam and i are on a sugar-free-drinks-diet. and because you can only drink so much milk, tap water and crystal light…this is the best replacement! it’s really refreshing and tricks your mouth into thinking {do mouth’s think?} that you’re actually drinking something that HAS to have sugar or sucralose in it. but guess what?! NONE! so refrigerate and enjoy!

my new favorite brand/line of clothing! canvas is like ralph lauren meets jcrew. perfect, right? not only is the style fantastic but so is the quality and 100% guarantee of the garment. lands end is now owned by sears {kinda a turn off, but…} and so their policies are great! you can buy online or in some stores {only two in atl @ roswell sears and north point sears}, try it out and if you are not 100 % impressed, return it! full refund! no questions asked! the prices are comparable and the sales are amazing! not only do the prices drop soon after the new arrivals comes out, but they also have additional percentages off and then the “classifieds” are outstanding! but you’ll have to check out their website to get what i’m saying. lands end has been a great traditional/conservative brand, but their new addition is even greater! check them out asap, you won’t regret it!  canvas.landsend.com

sorry this blog had turned into a forum of product reviews…i promise to start posting more interesting and attractive topics again, soon! but until then, i hope you enjoy and for further entertainment check out my tumlr – plentyopretty.tumblr.com !

some recent favorites {by request}

i have received some requests for my current favorites. sorry it’s been so long since my last list… i hope you enjoy!

1) essie playa de platinum

my new favorite color. goes on well and stays on great. and the shade is even multi-seasonal! usually found on my fingers.

2) benefit erase paste

my preggo – eyes are no more! it’s magic, really. magic paste. most other concealers do not come in “janie shade”, but in the lightest shade, best yet. even for little blemishes, this stuff covers.

3) f21 {fenton/fallon knockoff} chain necklace

pretty and goes with everything. i wear it all the time.

4) chloe perfume

second to my usual chance eau fraiche. it smells like clean laundry!

5) bella b tummy honey butter

thanks to linds, i was introduced to this lovely product. makes my tummy suuuper supple. no itchy – tight – irritating tummy! and the smell is wonderful. reminds me of bumble and bumble’s brilliantine, if you’re familiar.

6) garnier skin renew anti puff eye roll

the only eye product to work for me. lightened the dark circles and tightened up the puffiness. it’s really light and does the job.

7) bdg v-neck tees

soft. stretchy. long. preggo – appropriate. and comes in great shades like mint!

8) pure & natural body wash {almond oil cherry blossom}

i’m moving into more natural products lately… at least in the soap/wash department… and this has a nice light scent that makes my skin soo soft. great for the tub, too!

the end!

all i can think about lately

little girls and dressing up….

a little bit of this and a lot of that

hey everybody!

yes, i am still breathing. panting, if you will. life had gone through a huge, fast and busier than ever phase. last i noted, i was in class waiting desperately to leave for ny.

so classes ended, i finished my projects/assignments, packed like a mad woman for ny and left in a whirl. adam had a two week externship there, one of which i was able to stay for. a full week of nyc was amazing. we tried to hit up all the usual spots, but were fortunate enough to stay with awesome friends who live in brooklyn who could really show us a great time!

after my week in ny, i flew home alone and spent the next week missing my adam terribly. i was ill and being without him made it worse…but i made it!

after adam was safe and home, he was able to stay home a full week before leaving again for rome, ga. for another two weeks. again, hard, but i made it work.

aside from the separation and not feeling well, the summer hasn’t been too bad! we’ve had slower schedules allowing for more downtime. case in point; all is well! no worries!

cutest kids ever

why being a nanny ain’t half bad. :)




who really wants to wash their hair every day?

if you know me, i don’t like washing my hair daily. i prefer every three {or four} days! so here is a product that helps me do just that! i have tried the dry sprays and the powders and i have to say this is the best! it is a “waterless foam shampoo” so it is a bit of moisture, but just adding it to the roots/scalp really makes a fresh difference! i use this when i wear my hair straight {meaning it’s been blow dried, aka a LOT of work} and don’t want to have to redo in two days {or so}. i have long, suuuper thick/fat, coarse hair, so the less i shampoo the better. case in point, this works for me!

dove really does it

just thought i’d share…

this product does EXACTLY what it claims. no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

i love it for that reason alone.

oh, and it smells nice, too!

first ever besties vacation

first off, i would like to start with a really lame list of excuses for lack-o-posts, lately.

i’ll make this part short and sweet.

1. school

2. homework/studyin’

3. smooch

4. a new furry addition {more on that later}

5. boring life=no events

6. laziness

okay, that’s enough. you get the point! i realize there are also zero posts on recent major {okay, minor} events, such as; valentine’s, my bday, my bday party{s}, so on and so forth. my ONLY excuse really is the lack of camera battery/charger for a good 60 days {aka no fun}. the horrible photos i DO have to show for are from my camera phone and are available for your viewing pleasure on facebook. the end.

now that i have that all aired out, let’s move on!

the following pictures are of a lovely heaven on earth called watercolor. it is a charming beach community in florida that resides next to seaside and a more familiar destin. one of those places where everyone gets around on cruisers. like i said, heaven.

i hope to relocate to an area very close to this proportion some day.

anywho, this was actually the very first vacation for me and my two best friends to ever take together! crazy, right? and it would never had happened if amy hadn’t had such a fabulous job to provide her with such accommodations on her so-called “business” trips!

needless to say, we had such a fun time. the company was lovely, the house was lovely, the area was lovely, the weather was lovely, the shopping was lovely…i could go on and on. but you get the idea.

case in point; thank you, amy. best ever. love you.

{our daily ride over the bridge into town center}

{sunny steph}

{my amy – and the fabulous weather}

{gorgeous wall of dunes}

{so pretty}

{fluffiest white sand, ever}

{sunset @ the beach. is there anything more wonderful?!}

{me and my steph – and her new best friend, the big straw hat}

{why aren’t more places like this?}

{something about bikes and the beach}

{the perfect “amy” bike}

{my favorite color palette}

{i LOVE the sunlight on the water}

{i really couldn’t get enough of the bikes. i wish ga weather would permit some biking…}

{don’t you love a martha-stewart-beach-house?!}

{with the curtains hung on the front porch and the ivy on the arbor-way, this was definitely my favorite!}

{“nothing is better than the beach and great weather”}