Weddin’ Day

For those of you who have been waiting anxiously for this post, here it is! Adam and I were married on Saturday December 18, 2004 in the LDS Atlanta temple almost 4 years ago! AAH! It was the happiest day of my life and it is pretty apparent when you see these candid pictures! Love you, Adam!

Here are some pictures from the temple.

Here is a group picture of the whole gang.


(Marlie-junior, Becca, Stacia, Lisa and Amanda)


(Colin, Benjamin-ring bearer, Mick, Matt and Daniel)

My siblings and me!

The Crow-Goodwin Crew

Me and my daddy!


These are pictures from the reception in Jane Kassow’s house and garden!

Here’s Colin (Adam’s Best) making some artistic changes to the Groom’s cake!

Here’s all of Adam’s favorite people…from high school!

(Daniel, Sarah, Miles, Autumn and Colin)

These are my Sandy Springs friends!

(Lisa, Diana, Carrie, Lyndel, Samir, and Andrew)

In case you didn’t notice, Christmas was the following week, so although we didn’t have a Christmas themed wedding (I did chocolate instead of red), we did have it at Jane’s house, so of course there was an amazing Christmas tree!

These were all taken in the garden outside. We had our dancing out there (like 30 degrees ferenheit)!

Adam’s only request throughout the entire wedding planning (isn’t he great?!) was to have sparklers as we left for the honeymoon. I thought it was a great idea! It made for a magical ending!


Oh, Bri!

I took my mother to the North Point mall last Monday and we had lots of fun (she had never been). Poor thing had been limited to Lenox and Perimeter. All you from Atl understand the frustration between the two choices! Anyways, we went to my favorite store…JCREW…and hit it up good (as they say in the Atl)! All the sale stuff was an additional 25% off…basically 65% off!  It was wonderful!

Later on, my pal Briana called and was chilling out too much  at home, so I decided to stir things up and boast about my shopping trip. She got all excited and called the store to see how long the sale lasted, but was given the response, “we don’t know!”…so she insisted on going immediately! I said, “heck ya, let’s go!”

So she picked me up in her Jeep Wrangler with the doors off and strapped me and my skirted self in (yes, I wore a skirt)! We got to the mall about thirty minutes until closing and Briana let loose! She got some really cute stuff, too! Then we decided we needed matching barettes. So we ended up being the last two in the store and were called “super stars”, with the doors closed and locked (we didn’t know)! All together, the night was great and memorable! And yay for matching barettes!

Miss you, Briana! Let’s do it again, soon!

The Be-ach!

We finally got a week off this month to get away and do nothing for a week. We have made it a tradition to go to St. Joe’s Peninsula, FL. It’s a state park with preserved dunes. Being a peninsula, it had a coast side and a bay side. Both are fun to play in.

In the bay we took nets and caught some exciting creatures. We started with shells and then moved on to sea urchins and crabs! We did catch some blue crab and some other strange crab and ate them! Well, just the blue crab, the other was took creepy and had no meat!

The best part (to me) was the coast side where the water is clear and the sand is white. I love to just lay next to the ocean and listen to the waves crash into the shore. Not to mention the sea breeze is so refreshing! We all wore like 50 and 60 spf, so no worries.

Did I mention that we were camping? The little campsites consist of a sandy spot with some palm trees. Basically a little oasis! The weather was so beautiful, and the temperatures were perfect (high in 80’s the lows in 60’s)! And for those of you giving me full credit for roughing it for a week, no, I DID have some nice utilities that were cleaned like twice a day. Nothing like going to the beach and then being able to shower before bed, every night!

Steph came with us, and I’m so glad she did! We had fun laying out and being adventurous (in the bay)! I think she was skeptical at first but made the best of it! We read like two books each and refueled on our R&R (rest and relaxation)!

We went out for sea food one night and decided on a close place. Outside it looked like a beach bum-ish type place but inside the lights were turned down and the servers all wore black. The appetizers were really fancy but the main dishes mostly consisted of deep fried sea food. So, of course we decide on the “platter” of food. We had fried grouper, scallops, clam strips and shrimp.

All of it was pretty good but the best part of the evening was the terrible music they played. And terrible is an understatement. It must have been some kind of soundtrack or cd. Steph thinks it was shuffle with like five songs. Either way, we heard the same five songs over and over. If that wasn’t bad enough, the artist was worse! He was like a Jimmy Buffet-Kenny Rogers wannabe! He would use phrases like “Beach bum barbecue” and “freezing my rear in the north”! Terrible, but definitely memorable!

For our last night we walked on the beach during sunset and got some really nice pictures! I can’t tell anyone enough, how much I LOVE the beach!

It was so nice, I can’t wait to go back!

Korean, Anyone?

I thought I was pretty eclectic when I had eaten like Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Indian food, but then my pal Erika invites us to partake in some Korean! I was a little skeptical…

but it was great! We each got a plate and we shared (best way to eat)! I thought you should be able to enjoy it as well (minus the flavor)! Not only was the food yummy, we had a great time there, too! Trying new food is fun and I think a lot of people shy away from it. If I hadn’t tried it, I would never have known that sushi was my favorite food!

These were like the appetizers.

This was my bowl of goodness. It was filled with rice and then topped with beef, veggies and a yum sauce!

Adam’s squid dish!

Erika had beef with veggies and glass noodles in a sweet sauce! It was really good, actually my favorite.

This is a happy date picture that Erika took for us! Adam made a happy face, too!

Then we took a picture of Erika with her pseudo-Nathan date (that’s her boy’s name)!

Then we made a dramatic exit for the crazy Koren lady!

What I Wish I Could Wear

So, I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the awesome show, What Not to Wear, right? Well, it personally is my favorite (after The Office, of course)! For those of you who live under a rock, I’ll give you a brief description so that you get the idea.

These two hilariously and brutally honest professional stylists, Stacy and Clinton, are the professors of style and fashion to one poor unfortunate soul at a time. All of the targets are secretly taped in the horrible array they consider fashion and chosen to be “made over”. Most of the time it’s a friend ratting out a friend or a spouse who needs their lover to step it up a bit.

Once they are chosen, the two stylists fly to the target’s hometown and attack them in public. Of course the family and posse are involved and completely stun the victim! Once the two introduce themselves (and are sometimes recognized, go figure) they announce that the target has been secretly taped by someone who really does love them and insists that the entire group sit together and comment on these tapes! The targets are so embarrassed (as they should be)!

Afterward, they make the victim an offer to fly to New York, bring all their crap clothes and shoes and fork it all over in exchange for a check card with their name on it with $5000 balance to completely rebuild an even more awesome wardrobe! It is all too surreal for these poor individuals but they always give in to their terrible taste and go for the plunge!

Most of these targets are women, including careers women and mothers, or just young confused ladies with no taste! Stacy of course, always looks amazing and I wish I had HER wardrobe! But the stores they go to are usually really great lines I have never heard of (in NY) and are WAY expensive. But supposedly they close down the entire store for these girls when they get to go shop.

Once they make it to NY, they hang up all their crap clothes and have Stacy and Clinton mock and laugh at each piece. All while throwing it into a classic Oscar de Grouch trashcan! They also insist that the girl try on three of her favorite and most worn outfits and describe why they love it so much. Then, Stacy and Clinton again laugh and explain why it just doesn’t work! Usually the clothes are way too small or way too big or way too ugly!

Afterwards, they then have these lovely mannequins dressed in far more appealing and flattering pieces that are usually very stylish but also traditional and conservative, therefore allowing the wearer to continue wearing the look for years without most of it going out of style! As they show off these outfits the explain in full detail what and why so that when this poor girl is let loose in the GIGANTIC city of NY, she herself can go find similar pieces to fill her now desolate closet with!

I personally would love this job! There are so many beautiful women in this world who are hiding under a ton of hair (and cry like a baby when they have to cut it) and a circus tent they call a dress! It is amazing to me how you can simply accentuate a women’s features and have a stunning outcome! There were a couple of episodes where I nearly cried because of the end result! They basically take a common case, show what looks best (some of us can’t do this) and give her a little lesson on hair and makeup and tada!

A Nanny Diary

As most of you know I am a full time nanny and a full time student. My two children (not my dogs) are five year old Braxton and four year old Elizabeth. They live here in Augusta as well. Their mother is a ped’s neurologist and their daddy works at the infamous Augusta National Country Club (Master’s Tournament). I have been with them since middle of August and plan to continue through the next three or so years. They are precious little ones and I love them like they were my own.

Braxton is a special little one. With Down’s he is a very bright and curious little boy. He is so sweet and very affectionate. He likes me but he LOVES Adam. He calls Adam, “Aamm!” He also loves Gatorade like I have never seen before! And recently he has become a little obsessed with “pants”. This usually includes a pair of blue jeans. He loves to pick out his clothes and likes to also try to pick out Elizabeth’s as well. And when the three of us go shopping (usually to Target) he will continually say “Cute!” This cracks me up! Apparently I say “cute” especially often and he has caught on. It makes me happy each time he says it!

Elizabeth was adopted from Russia as an infant. It is very impressive because she is very well aware of this and talks about it constantly, “When I was a baby in Russia”. She also is very bright and sweet, but between the two she is the more adventurous and mischievous one. She has very specific taste, basically anything with Disney princesses on it. She also considers herself a princess and is usually within a foot of a crown and wand.

Lately she has become quite concerned with shoes (wonder where that came from). Earlier this year I was at Target (I know) and saw that her size shoes were on clearance! So, of course I had to indulge (I love little shoes, well shoes for that matter)! I think I bought her nine pairs! They composed of sparkly red (think Dorothy) to brown suede Mary Janes. Just precious! Her mother was thrilled as was Elizabeth. So, basically now I have created a shoe monster! At least I have someone to share my personal fetish with now!

Anyways, they are what keep me busy when I am not in class. Since I am not taking summer classes I am kept VERY busy until VBS starts. It is fun to play mommy, but then have the nights and weekends off! Not to mention I do get paid and their house has a pool! It’s fun to watch them learn and grow. And it amazes me how much they pick up on being around me.

Oh! And they LOVE LOVE LOVE my dogs! And that is an understatement! And boy do my pups love them! Seeing Pep’s reaction to Elizabeth’s arrival is priceless. Just as Elizabeth says, “Pepper is my best friend!” I think that pretty much sums it up for you!

One more thing, they both (Braxton and Elizabeth) LOVE the Colby Calliet cd! They call the “Bubbly” song the “brown song”. We listen to that cd on a weekly basis and sing along to almost all of the songs now. Even Braxton has picked up on it and requests it regularly! Did I mention I love these kids?! My friends all laugh and say its good birth control to be around little ones that often. I personally think it’s just really good practice for when I start raising my own!

Adventures With Biscuit

On Friday March 28th, our little boy Biscuit was let out with his sister to go potty. We don’t have so much a backyard as it is more of a parking lot behind our house. There are some patches of grass along the fence and on the sides of our house. These are where our little ones are often found pottying and playing.

Well, on this particular day, Biscuit got a little adventurous and decided to run to the front of the house. The front is a small yard and then a very busy one way street. The one way streets are divided by a median, and that was where he wanted to run to. He actually made it across but when he ran back across to come home, he was hit. The woman who hit him said she tried to honk him out of the way but he stopped. Anyway, Adam and I both missed it. I was with my kids and Adam was in the back with Pepper.

As Adam realized that Biscuit was missing he heard a screech. He ran to the front to find him limping from the road to the lawn. Adam says that as soon as he and Biscuit made eye contact, he fell over and didn’t move. Adam was terrified! He ran into the house to put up Pep and grabbed a laundry basket. By this time one of our friendly neighbors came out and helped Adam scoop Biscuit into the basket. Then Adam raced to the vet ER and called to inform me on what was happening. I met him there and we finally got to speak to the dr. They ran x-rays and showed us that he had two broken femurs and a displaced hip.

It became apparent to Adam and I that this was going to become very costly. We had already started the visit with like an $800 charge, just to walk in and have x-rays. Then the dr. informs us that Biscuit was definitely going to need surgery, costing roughly $3000! It is terrible to say, but Adam and I had to sincerely pray and really consider the costs and our current expenditures and where this would place us if we decided to proceed.

This became a very dramatic and emotional time for us. We basically were deciding how much Biscuits life was worth! Granted, he is a very whiny and needy dog, but we had adopted him and basically were responsible. How awful would we be for putting him down at six months old just for money reasons! It really was a difficult time and for the first time in my life, I saw my husband become emotional. But, as he said, this is one of our children.

Needless to say, we approached the dr. about of situation but before we could complete the statement, we were interrupted with the news that he would do the surgery himself for $300!!! At first we were dumbfounded, but once it was repeated we were ecstatic! We couldn’t believe our ears! I of course began to cry. The dr. said he felt bad that we were poor students with a young pup and he didn’t want us to have to put him down. I wanted to kiss this Santa look-alike on the cheek!

Anyways, Biscuit finally had the surgery. It involved two pins in each leg. Once they were inserted he was stitched and stapled back together and had his little naked legs wrapped in a soft green cast.

His sister Pep had to stay at her grandma’s for a week so that he had some time to recoup, but after those seven days, Pep came home and the “physical therapy” began! After about two weeks, he had his strength back, staples removed and was back to running around. It took him a good month to heal enough to wrestle again, but now all is back to normal!

Pep was relieved to see her brother again and we were so happy to have our little boy back home and in good health. Since the incident, Biscuit stays away from the road and plays more carefully. And now he can continue to be the rotten self he is and grow old with us and his sis!

The Land of Thai

So within Adam’s and my obsession with the beach we found ourselves in a position last April where we could go to Thailand! Adam served a two-year mission there from 2001-03 and absolutely loved it! Since we have been together (married for three years) he always talks about Thailand and how he wished I could experience it. I for one could not have pointed out Thailand on a map but knew they spoke Thai. Since the exposure he has created, my interest was peaked. Especially when he spoke of how breathtaking their beaches are! I think that is what won me over! We went with a group of nine (including Adam and I) with the Architecture school of UGA. Adam had already graduated and I have never attended UGA myself, but it all worked out.

We traveled all over the country and attended classes given by Thai professors of Thai universities. I was like a study abroad, but more hands on. The focused of the trip was to incorporate sustainable gentrification among different areas through their universities. In doing such, we actually sketched ideas and built them ourselves! It was great to see the action being taken in activating our ideas! Not to mention the communities loved it! It was interesting how we made it all work, especially with Adam being the only, THE ONLY person in our group that spoke and wrote any Thai, not to mention FLUENTLY!

Here is a video of us walking the streets in Chaing Mai

We were in the country for two months and finally at the end of our trip, the last ten days were dedicated to the beach! We went from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi and stayed there the remainder of our trip. The beaches ARE breathtaking! It was amazing to be on the other side of the world on an exotic island in the Pacific! And it was even more amazing to enjoy this experience with my best friend, Adam!

Here is a video from the top of the island.

While we were with the group, we made a few friends, but also dealt with some folks I hope I never see again! Among the students was a cute girl named Liza, who actually had been in some of Adam’s undergrad science classes. She’s a sweet girl from southern GA who I grew very close to over those two months. It was great to meet someone who I had a lot in common with and made the trip a ton of fun (in a girly way). Mine and Liza’s favorite thing to do was shop at all of the night bizarres! Cheap cheap cheap!

Adam’s sister Amanda (or usual travel buddy) came out for about two weeks and saw the sites and took on the task of super shopping with me! Needless to say, I came home with tons of souvenirs, but my favorites were my Tod’s purse I got for like $40 ($1000+ in US) and my Fendi sunglasses for $6 ($150+ in US).

All together the time we had there was great and will never be forgotten. Between the crazy taxi rides, the crazy food, the crazy language, the cocoa yen (iced hot chocolate, mmm!) and the amazing sites, I hope to return with Adam sooner than later!

This was my usual routine of cocoa yen for all three meals…did I mention Adam and I lost like 15 lbs each?!

This was the fanciest cocoa yen we had at some pseudo-Italian restaurant in Chaing Mai

This is what Adam lived off off the entire trip, banana roti, kind of like a crepe, but India-style!

This is what most of the basic Thai dishes looked like. Mostly a broth base with noodles and veggies.

And here is a video of us eating lunch at a local mom and pop soup house.

We also attended a fancy dinner where traditional Thai dancing was performed! Adam joined in the dancing!

Here are some videos from that visit.

The Thai people are mostly Buddhist and there are tons and tons of gold temples all over the country!

The landscapes and vegetation there were amazing all over, too!

Did I mention the economy is wacko and there is lots of poverty in the cities?

Lots of nasty stray dogs everywhere, too!

In Bangkok there is a river that runs behind the city slums called the Khlong where everyone basically throws their trash into it and uses it as their sewage system. For some reason the faculty at one of the universities thought we Americans would want to experience it first hand, and so we rode a “trash boat” down the Khlong.

The people of Thailand are very hospitable and generous, especially when Adam would converse in Thai with them. They always wanted to know if you had eaten and if you were still hungry.

My only problem with the Thai ways was the common toilet. Very different there, where they call them “squatters”, and for a good reason! These I don’t miss!

One of the best parts of our trip was our visit to the elephant conservation hospital. We even rode one!

Here is a video of us on our ride!

In our own time we also taught English in a public school

And we worked at an animal hospital. I guess word got around that Adam was going to med school!

Here are some videos of our visit to the animal hospital

Here’s a video of the baby tiger crying in his little bed…sounds just like a baby! I think he was hungry!

I hope to go back soon! With his dental class, Adam may have to opportunity to go back to Thailand in the next couple of years with Operation Smile (a volunteer dental program)!!! Until then, I have my memories, photos and the Thai food cooking skills of my husband!


It may be all too obvious, but I am not 100% fond of Augusta yet.  Aside from that I decided to google images of  Augusta, GA and see what would pop up.  The results were interesting and so I thought I would share.

Obviously a map would be included…

The Savannah River is all that keeps us from being considered South Carolina…

And we all know about the Masters Tournament held here each April…

But then there were a few that left me baffled…

So there’s Augusta, Ga according to the world wide web!

Plan A

So, in embarking on my journey through the world of “blog”, I decided to begin with a general introduction with a little information about me!

-This is me and my husband Adam

Adam is now a 2nd year dental student at the Medical College of GA (MCG), and I am also in my 2nd year of school @ Augusta State University (ASU).  We were previously residents of Athens, GA (go Dawgs) but will be staying in Augusta for at least three more years, maybe more if Adam decides to specialize (orthodontia, oral surgery).  It’s about a three hour drive from Atlanta and seems to be out in the middle of nowhere…but we are slowly adjusting and I think we can do it!  I guess time will tell!

-These are our “kids”

The pup on the left is “Pepper” or “Pep” as we all call her.  She is a little shepherd mutt that we found last August.  She had been living under a house one street over and was apparently raised by cats (obvious cat traits).  We found her when she was about 4 weeks old when we first saw her.  We were told by the guy that lived in the house that she was abandoned and needed a home.  So, with a Chik-fil-a in hand we lured her out and called her our own.  She can still be a little skiddish but has grown to love us and now allows us to love her in return.  The stinker, yes I said stinker, on the right is Biscuit.  He is our adopted little pride and joy.  We needed a little playmate for our Pep and when we saw him at the adoption spot in front of a pet store we couldn’t resist.  He used to look like he was part dachshund part yellow lab but has grown into a strange combo of short legs and long stocky body.  We love him regardless!  He was recently hit by a car and underwent invasive surgery, but after a few weeks of rehabilitation he is back to his rascally little self.  Pepper is so glad he can get back to wrestling!

-Here is our current home in Augusta, GA

This was actually one of the first places we found when looking for a home in Augusta.  We had recently come home from an excursion in Thailand and were desperate for a place to live.  It turned out to be a sweet little abode that has suited us well.  Unfortunately there are still trains in our little downtown area that have a tendency to slow us down from our regular routine so we will hopefully be relocating on “the hill” away from the train tracks!