To (have) Bang or not

This post requires lots of comments and input, por favor!

So, in desperation of creating a new and interesting blog…since I have not done anything interesting in like a week and I have no new pictures, sorry…I decided to start an opinion feed thing.  As most of you know, I have recently, okay 4 months recently, gotten me some dramatic looking bangs.  Adam likes to call them “third grader bangs”, but they are full on (literally full) and all over my forehead. Okay, so mostly across the front, but with my big hair comes big bangs! Or maybe the word is not big, but fat.  I think big hair is intentional and fat hair you are just cursed with.  So, anyways, I am SICK of them!  Not really sure if it has anything to do with 100 degree southern GA weather and humidity, sweat and heat or just the look altogether is all and done with. Lately they have been pinned to the side of my head, pinned in the middle (girly fauxhawk thing?), and headbanded. Since I had them cut I have gotten mixed compliments and comments amongst those who care for me and my look.  Which is one of the reasons I am reaching out to you! Anyways, I guess what I am asking for is maybe a poll of votes that are for the bangs and against the bangs.  Basically vote yes or no.  And if yes, should I continue the “Leslie Feist-third grader look” or maybe go back to the usual “Janie-look” of the so called “sexy bangs” and sweep them to the side.  I have provided you with before, after and in between pictures to help supplement your opinions and ideas.  The more the comments the better and winner takes all.  Well, maybe there is no winner, but it will help me to decide whether I should just let them grow out.  Sorry to those of you who thought this was going to be a deep and meaningful post, instead it’s light and flaky! THANKS!

Pre-bangs                                                                  Full-on


The White Coat

As of Friday, June 19th, Adam now has the coveted “dr’s white coat”.  In honor of the coat and maybe a little for the students, they have a White Coat ceremony for the 2nd year Dental students.  It is basically the same ceremony they held for the freshmen but it involved a detailed ethics speech, the class pledge and then of course the white coat.  All very interesting, but mostly a traditional ceremony that brought the students and many of their parents and or grandparents together to celebrate a coat that is never worn throughout the length of dental school.  It basically represents the beginning of students seeing real patients as of this fall, instead of the students dealing with the mannequin head.  Scary, if you ask me! Adam’s class is currently studying the use and creation of the ever curious denture!  They are required to make impressions of their fellow students “bites” and turn them into what they call a “cast” of the teeth.  I asked Adam if we could keep some for ourselves…never can have too many sets of teeth around the house, right? Anyways, the ceremony was nice and the refreshments that followed were lovely (chocolate covered strawberries were the best) and spending time with my in-laws was great!

It was interesting to me how attractive my husband looks as a Dr. in his white coat.  We’ll keep it in the back of the closet until he wants something from me, then he’ll have to ask me while wearing the coat!

Attack of the Adam!

Hey y’all, it’s me Adam. I’ve hi-jacked Janie’s blog for the day, and I can write whatever I want to (at least until Janie finds out and deletes it). Anyways, here’s a funny story for you all to enjoy…

A couple of weeks ago, Janie and I headed out to Wal-Mart to buy some junk, and for some reason I thought it would be fun if we took the 2 dogs along for the ride. We weren’t going to be in the store long, and the weather was nice, so why not? After we got to the store, found our junk, paid for it, and were on the way home I was really hungry so we got a couple of sub sandwiches from Publix. We also needed to get some gas for our awesome purple mini-van so we stopped at the gas station, but when Janie went to swipe her bank card at the pump it said she needed to see the attendant inside.

I sat in the van eating my sub while Janie went inside, and Biscuit drug his broke-legged self up into the driver’s seat so he could stick his head out the window and watch Janie walk into the store. A few minutes later she came back out and said that the store’s ATM system was down and they were only taking cash, which we hardly ever have, so Janie wrestled Biscuit for the front seat, got back in the car, and drove off.

Suddenly, we hear a woman’s voice from somewhere behind us yell out, “Hey lady! Hey lady! Stop!” followed by a loud thunk sound.

Janie stops the car, looks at me, looks back behind us and quickly realizes she left the gas pump stuck in the van and drove off with it in there, thus the thunk sound and the screaming lady. We back up and while Janie gets out to put the pump back and close the gas tank, the gap-toothed screaming lady says something to us about forgetting to put the pump back, which we obviously had figured out by then, and Janie and I nod our heads and mumble something back until she finally shuts up.

So there we were, our purple mini-van full of Wal-Mart junk, Janie fumbling with the pump on the ground, me with my mouth full of lunchmeat and bread mumbling to the screaming gap-toothed lady, and our 2 dogs hopping all around trying to figure out what all the excitement was about. It was all a bit surreal, and as Janie wrestled with Biscuit in the front seat again, she looked at him and said, “Biscuit, we are pushing too many Red-Neck buttons right now!”

Though it’s sad to say, she was right. We were guilty of committing several key Red-Neck mistakes, but at least we had an equal share in our Red-Neck ethnicity. The fast food and the dogs were my fault, while Janie gets all the credit for the gas pump, and the mini-van and the trip to Wal-Mart was the doing of both of us. That’s a total of 4 Red-Neck faux pas committed in the space of less than an hour, which definitely qualified us for the upper eschelons of Red-Neck-hood that afternoon.

Now every time we find ourselves doing something Red-Neck like, one of us will say, “Hey, we’re pushing a Red-Neck button!” and we try to scale it back before we end up toothless in a trailer park somewhere.

The George Kids

So, my friend Sydney recently got married to a stud named Darin. Sweet boy and is so good to my Syd! We hung out in their cute little abode and played some major Guitar Hero (I know)…and Faye played, too!

The Nathan Reveal

I have a very dear friend (one of my only in Augusta), Erika (I like to call her Amerika)

who has a sweet boy (Nathan) that came to visit her and meet us. We had a lovely time with the two of them.

They are a sweet couple. I wanted to inform her that we approve of her stud and look forward to seeing more of him! I love her to death and wish her lots of love!

Lis, aka Zimmer

Ok, so I felt that it would be a sad world if everyone would have to continue their lives not knowing my bestie, Lisa. I have known her for almost eight years now and am so glad I found her! I first met her at summer camp (EFY) when I was like 15 (she’ll hate me for this, but she was only 14 at the time). We were in the same group and became fast friends. We spent the whole week together and bonded immediately. Afterwards we stayed in touch (her in Atlanta, me in Kennesaw) and hung out as often as we could.

Throughout high school and college (she went to Indiana) we were able to stay in touch and remain close friends. She was even one of my bridesmaids in my wedding (see “Weddin Day” post)!

I don’t know if she knows this, but I refer to her as “my gorgeous friend Lisa, with beautiful red curly hair!” And if you could only hear her sing! She was a vocal major @ Indiana, but was obviously born with this great talent of angelic singing skills! The best genre to hear her sing is Christmas music. It will make you tear up! I hope to sneak a recording from her one day and put it on here so you can have the pleasure of hearing her as I do in almost any conversation we have (she loves to sing)! But I don’t just love my Lis for her good looks and amazing voice, she is also a great friend and the funniest person I know! I am usually on the defense when I’m used as a humorous subject, but with Lis, I can’t help but cry from laughing so hard! She always does impressions of me with a really southern (redneck) accent…who knows why?

Anyways, now you all have been introduced and I promise if you get to meet her in person, you’ll be better off because of it! I love you, “Zimmer”!

Colin Campbell, What will you do next?

Adam’s best friend, Colin is a a really great bud! To Adam and me both! He went to high school with Adam and they became best friends. They both share a love for art and being creative. I think it’s great that they are still really close and we are able to hang out together as often as we do!

Since we have moved to Augusta last fall, Colin has come to visit the most out of anyone we know! Including our family members! Not to mention, he lives in Baltimore, Maryland! In the past he had made the trip down via auto in like 14 hrs or so, but now he has a summer job where he travels with some really awesome archaeologists from Oregon and does sketches of the historical dig sites. It is a really cool job, and includes him narrating on PBS! Anyways, he came to a site near Augusta (like 40 miles out) in a place called Barnwell, SC. It is seriously out in the sticks of South Carolina! So, he flew into their little airport and gave us a call. We drove out there and picked him up and went to eat at this really great seafood place there called Lakeside Grille.

The interior was painted like we were on the outside of a boat…surrounded by water.

They had peanuts as their appetizer and the food was yum. I love fish and hush puppies!

I figured I may never visit Barnwell again (unless you return, Colin) so I bought one of their t’s! On the back it says “Bone suckin’ good”, and if I had eaten something with bones in it, I would have to agree! But it was definitely good!

I highly suggest it to anyone traveling to Barnwell! Afterwards we went to CVS to pick up a couple of things (who knows where the closest Kroger or Wal-Mart may have been) and then went back to his hotel and hung out with his crew.

When we walked into CVS, this little kid was trying to work the photo printer…I guess he’s the photographer of his family!

All of these scientists were really nice and very interesting. It was really great to talk to them about their project and see Colin’s art (always amazing)!

The boys also decided to cool off that evening and go for a swim. As an observer, it was very entertaining!

We love our Colin and hope to one day travel the world with him and maybe settle down in a quiet rural area with him as our neighbor! Can’t wait to see him again!

Manda Panda Night Critter Gets Married!

On the beautiful day of June 7th, 2008, Manda became a Merrell! Her and Douglas were married in the LDS Atlanta Temple. It was a wonderful event and we’re so happy for my sis-in-law! The details were lovely and made for a memorable day!

We love you guys both and wish you lots of love and happiness!

I miss you, KIM!

I finally got to see my friend Kimberly on Friday (it had been since Thanksgiving) and was so glad to see her!

Although, I felt bad, because we made her come to the hotel we were staying at for the wedding and play in the pool with us…and the gym until like 2 am.

Also, she works for a ladies’ hosiery company in Atlanta (I would love that job) and in getting Aaron (my bro-in-law) to take a picture, I made him wear Kim’s shirt! I later wore it as a cape…

We had so much fun! It felt a lot like high school again! Wish I could see her more often:( Kim made it a fun evening and made me happy! Let’s play again, soon, girly!

My Class

Not only am I a nanny for four year olds, but I also teach them at my church! They are precious little ones who know so much. It is amazing to me how well they know the gospel and their faith! Definitely a faith builder for me! Last week I decided as a surprise I would take their pictures at the end of class. They were so excited but insisted that I print them out on the spot…I guess straight from the camera? Anyways, I wanted to share with you my sweet kids and show you how precious they really are!

This is Caitlin, the quiet one

And then Javin, the know-all

Kaiden, the bashfull

and Zane, the pistol!

And sweet Flora was visiting her grandma.

I love them!