A Brush, A Brush! Anybody Got A Brush?

As most of you know, I have been a huge fan of the “big-round-brush blowout” since I was about 18.  During that transition I was doing as most girls do and straightening the crap out of my fat, coarse hair! To all of you who are unaware, that is TERRIBLE for your poor mane!!! I was lucky enough to work a reception position at a salon (for 2 months, about 6 hrs a wk) and become friends with one of the stylists.  She saved my hair! Actually, that’s an understatement! I can’t imagine what my hair would look like to this day if I had not gotten off that bandwagon (trip to hair hell)! Anyways, she introduced ignorant me to the amazing habit of blow drying my hair straight and tossing out the straightener (‘scuse me, flat iron)!  It made my hair shinier, smoother, more voluminous (like I need that) and just all around healthier and more beautiful!  It doesn’t take any longer than the usual straightening regimen would and is so much better for your hair! Ok, so long story short, over these past 5 years I have created quite a collection of round brushes.  I did some research and chose some of the better made ones (yes, it matters) and they have lived up to my highest expectations! I have them in a range of sizes (and colors), that are mostly large and larger. ANYWAYS! While I was out running errands today, I stumbled upon the MOTHER of round brushes! This sucker was just sitting there staring me in the face, and at $4…yeah, I HAD to have it! So I took it home (after purchasing it, of course) and decided to break it in.  After I apologized to my other loyal brushes, I dove in! It usually takes my damp hair about 20-25 minutes to complete, but with this honking-of-a-brush, it only took like 10 minutes, tops! I was in brush — err, hair heaven! Best $4 I ever spent on my hair. And my lonnng hair thanks me!

Here lies my collection

my new brush is so HUGE, it has it’s own black hole! Approx 3 1/2 inches in diameter!

This is my new HUGE brush in comparison to my most recent “large” brush!

And IN FACT, my new HUGE brush is SO HUGE, my old “large” brush fits INSIDE of it!

And then of course we need some shots of my fab, fat hair!

The before is so horribly hideous I could not find a single photo of one, wink wink, but the least I could do is provide you with the convincing “after”!



That pose was dedicated especially for you, Mar! You have taught me well!


She Bangs

The title of this post was in reference to that horrible Ricky Mar…well you know.  But this, unfortunately is NOT a post about HIM, it’s about me and my “good bag” day I had recently.  I just had one of those days when I wake up and they look great…well not really.  It was actually late in the evening and I was tired of looking at them pinned to my head and decided to try my luck with fixing them. To my surprise, they came out nice…late at night, of course. I told Adam I needed proof that I was having a good bang night (rare occasion) and while doing so, he decided to take some additional pictures of mine and Pepper’s conversation.  She really is a shy one, at least in comparison to mouthy me! Enjoy-my bangs!

of course Biscuit wanted some attention, as well!

Like Old Times

About four years ago I met some cute girls (Amy, Stephanie and Morgan) in Athens while I was dating Adam, and we became fast friends. Up until two years ago we all lived in Athens and saw each other on a daily basis. But now that we are living in Athens, Alpharetta and Augusta, we are unable to see each other everyday. So when we have the opportunity to get together and play again, it’s lots of fun! I love these girls and miss all the fun we have. We all talk on a regular basis, but nothing compares to our time we have to goof off and spend time together. We hope to one day live closer to one another and maybe even be preggers together!

Amy and Steph recently got some really cute short cuts!

Morgan and I went shopping together and bought matching sweaters!

Hopefully this makes up for my previous matching incident!



That’s Nacho Cheese! It’s Adam’s cheese!

Every year Adam will have one special request for the theme of his birthday party. As most of you know, last year was the infamous ‘Stache Bash. This year all he wanted for his birthday was Nacho Cheese in a can. Yes, in a can. To my surprise they do make these outside of Sam’s Club and Costco settings, and since I am a member of neither of those, I did find it at our local (SC) Wal-mart…I know. We had some friends and family over to eat this can ‘o cheese with us! Surprisingly, the can (seen below) does state that the cheese really is CHEESE. Or as it specifically states “Aged Cheddar”. And even more surprising was that it tasted pretty good. Not the “squeeze cheese” flavor I was expecting!

P.S. I couldn’t find my camera until the end of the night, so these are more like leftover shots.

The infamous cheese molting on the stove for NACHOS!

This banner was Erika’s gift to Adam

These gorgeous (real) sunflowers were my lovely centerpiece, if you will.

Erika really liked the cheese and is seen here finishing off the can!

Of course, Goodwin tradition, there must be some Blockus played.

These are our family portraits

Adam and Tooth were making manly muscular poses

Melanie and I are “loony”…

And Erika really loves me

And apparently the can of nacho cheese wasn’t enough for her

Trixie of course attended (Biscuit’s request)

Tooth, Mel and some Peppah!

Even the Tureks came in for the fun! YAY!

They even brought Adam a birthday gift, too! Rummikub!

I think that is all the partying we can fit in for Adam’s birthday this year! Maybe next year we’ll break the record with an even four parties, or more!

My little friend, Clara!

We have these really great friends, Brittany and Michael, who are SO fortunate to have such a wonderful little one (Clara). She is hilarious and SO beautiful! I’m pretty proud of how much she likes Adam and I!  She is by far my favorite little 3 year old!  While over for dinner with the Weilers, I decided to get proof of how precious she really is to show off to you!  Thanks Weilers, for having us over and especially for your little entertainer you have created!

Meet Clara

She enjoyed wearing my necklace

But not as much as she loves her “Mr. Bear”!

And she also likes Adam, too

And me, a little bit

But not nearly as much as she loves to venture inside of my purse! Such a girl!

Sweet little Clara

Scarves are marvelous!

As you all are very aware, I am continuing to grow out my bangs and in doing so, they are long and in mis ojos. Very annoying…not to mention they are only long enough to stay behind tight (eventually painful) headbands. So while I was hanging with my bud Erika, I was introduced to the world of scarves! It’s summer time, why have I not thought of the “resort look”, yet? Anyways, long story short, Amerika is a GENIUS and has helped me solve the unfashionable problem with pushing aside my fat bangs. I now have a stylish and more comfortable way of wearing these heating pads (my bangs) away from my forehead! Also, I felt I needed to give her full credit, THANKS ERIKA! Oh! And provide you with a picture, of course!

Adam’s Pre-Birthday

We traveled to our second home in Athens this past weekend to pre-celebrate Adam’s birthday (July 18th) with his family and friends. His padres got him some awesome scrubs (for school) that he sported for the occasion, and he of course had his favorite cake (jello) and had to blow out the trick (nonexistent) candles! Needless to say, he got them all with one breath! It was fun to have friends over to goof off with the Goodwins and us! Happy Pre-birthday, Lover!

excited for jello cake (homemade by his momma)

blowing out invisible candles

piece #1

Adam’s cake face

piece #2

morg’s cake face

Steph’s cake face

Lindsay’s cake curiosity

Ma, Pa and Gma…aka party animals!

Morg being camera shy….syke!

Adam decided to take some “artistic” photos and they turned out really interesting, and some of them great!

Papa Roge


Then there was Target

In desperation of having something to do on a rainy night in Augusta, Amerika and I hit up our favorite local store, Target. We of course did some serious shopping but thought we needed to end the night on a lighter note. This was especially easy with the endless opportunities within our reach. And NO, we did not purchase any of the following…unfortunately. Yay for late Target nights with my bestest, Erika!

Blank Faces

We have some fabulous friends, the Blanks (Lauren and Stephen), who love to eat out with us and entertain us.  They are lots of fun and are our buddies in trying and retrying new places to eat.  You can tell from these photos who was taking the pictures, and he insisted on calling this post, “Blank Faces”. Love you guys!

In preparing for the night out, I came home from work and changed into some clean clothes and was a little unsure of my choice, (grey shorts and navy polo).  I thought it was pretty cute (especially with the coral belt), but then I asked Adam if I was dressed like a “dude” and if I should change and he insisted the he liked what I was wearing and that I should stick to it.  Needless to say…the moment Lauren and Stephen arrive, I notice that I am sporting the EXACT same ensemble that Stephen is wearing.  So, turns out, I WAS dressed like a dude…notice the enthusiasm on both our faces.

4th of July

or the 4th of July we hung out at my parent’s pool and then partied with some of our friends down the street from them.  They even put on a really exciting fireworks show!  It was nice to have a low key and relaxing 4th with my family!

This was a little yellow finch we saw a the pool. “Ain’t he cute?”!

Dad helping out with the grilling                                                           Mom lounging

Adam thought this picture represented the 4th

Mar being herself…happy.

The show was great, out on the street!