New Little Addition

So, in the new home that I now live in (pictures to come soon, promise), I have ZERO bathroom storage space.  The bath contains a shower/tub, potty and pedestal sink…so no cabinet of convenient storage.  Well, knowing me, I laugh in the face of home decor frustration and “make it work”!  I like the shelf-with-baskets idea and found some cute ones at my fave home decor store (TJ Maxx) and got them all organized (you know how I am).  I then realized I still had no shelf in which to store my precious basket collection.  I have looked EVERYWHERE…online and in stores and was getting frustrated and surprisingly desperate.  This is what I had previously resorted to:

Nothing amazing but I thought it was practical and suitable.  Now, here comes the IRRITATING part. I looked in like 5 different Walmarts and Target stores…no luck.  Then I searched the web; Container Store, Pottery Barn, anything really, and nothing! Too big or too expensive.  And then there’s SHIPPING! bleh…

So, in this frustrated state, my Love offered to build me one from scratch! What a lover, right? Well, for this holiday weekend we headed to Athens to hang with the in-laws (planning to build such a shelf), and my fab momma-in-law had a surprise for me!


Isn’t gorgeous!?! It is an antique (my fave) and is in lovely condition! I am going to put in a sheet of screen (as opposed to glass) in the door to keep that country look that I love!

Long story short, problem solved thanks to Momma Goodwin! Thank you, ma’am! Love you!


Current Obsessions

My gal pal Katy had this great idea to have a reoccurring post she refers to as the “Check It Out” section where she shares some of her current interests. So in borrowing her idea, I decided to start as well and share some of my current faves!

1) Jcrew’s Crewcuts (their kid’s line)

Why can’t they make these clothes in MY size?!

2) Hunter Wellington Boots

I may own wellies, but they aspire to be Hunter Wellingtons (perfect for rainy and sunny days)!

3) Altitude Retractable Ballpoint Pen

I will NEVER use any other pen…if I can help it! It’s the BEST!

4) American Apparel tees

Softest feel and prettiest colors (great fits, too)!

5) Arrested Development

I laugh so hard and love this show SO much, I bought the ENTIRE set! See it!

Until next week, check these out and enjoy them yourself!

Saturday Night

This is Kimberly.

I love her!

Everybody loves her!

We had a great time playing all over the Vince Dooley Memorial (no, he’s not dead)

When Kim comes to play, she always brings us presents.

The brothers LOVE their Spanx shirts!

I love mine, too!

Thanks, Kim!

We hold hands like best friends.

And enjoy being crazy together!

Who’s buttocks is the hottest?

Pretty girlfriends!

My bro-in-law is a stud, too.

Kim always has my back!

And she can always lean on me.

Adam is training for the 2012 Olympics!

Perfect landing! Gold!

My fat bangs were allover the place!

So Kim prettied me up with a braid!

Kim was also training with Adam.

Perfect form, Kim!

This is what no-upper-body-strength looks like.

Nice, right?

I think Kim is a rope ballerina.

And maybe part ninja.

Love you, Kimberly!

See? I’m Great!

Just to prove that the accident didn’t slow me down, here are some recent photos of Amerika and I.

The Big Bang

I hate to post this, but I have had some requests…so I have decided to do a short post with some informative pictures.

Many of you are aware of this, but for those of you who are not, I was in an accident last Wednesday.  While driving home from work (fortunately Adam was not but 6 cars behind me), I drove through an intersection (I had green) and was T-boned into a cement cabinetry building.  The guy said he was looking at a map when he ran the red light.  And apparently the men working in the building had cabinets on the walls and when I hit, they flew across the room!  They all (yes, all) rushed down to my rescue.

I was screaming like a mad woman!!! All I could think about was that I was in a wreck (never happened before) and I wanted to know where Adam was!  Within two minutes he was there to save me!

Long story short, my passat is no more, I did go to the ER and left with some drugs and some bruises and now I am waiting for the insurance from the other guy to pay up!  I’m fine! So don’t worry!

Thank goodness for seatbelts and airbags! They saved my life!

Hi, My Name Is Janie, And I Have A Shoe Fetish

So, in my efforts to entertain Elizabeth while Braxton was in therapy, I took her to Marshalls (like TJ Maxx) today.  I personally enjoy going on a regular basis and since I love it, so does Elizabeth (on a side note, she has even started wearing a little sleeveless undershirt under her clothes, I guess to match my bra wearing, that’s how much she likes me).

Anyways, Mini Me and I strolled through Marshalls in our usual fashion, skimming through the shoes first, of course.  Her favorites are any crested with jewels that come in bright or “fantastic” colors.  There were continual oooh’s and aaah’s as we shopped. She even presented a few dramatic gasps and deep sighs at the sight of “really beautiful” shoes! It’s HILARIOUS! What can I say, I have trained her well.

So I start looking through my size (8-8 1/2) which is usually picked over…and I found pair after pair of magnificent shoes! And can I please tell you, they were no more than $20 a pair! On another side note, I have recently become obsessed with a certain blog of a highly fashionable 16 year old and her uber fashionable mother who have a more eclectic shoe fetish than I, and it truly is inspiring! Be sure to check out her blog from here, it’s listed as Sea of Shoes.

{black leather and satin printed BCBGirls logo}

So, as you all know, I am very conservative with a lot of Jcrew, cardigans and jeans in my closet…not very exciting.  But recently, I have paid more attention to expanding my fashion horizon with fun shoes and accessories!  In the past I have done this, but only slightly with purses, and NEVER straying from my pearl-wearing habits.  But lately I’ve done better with more fun jewelry, belts and even some head scarves. Remember, I AM a beginner!

{pearlized patent leather BCBGirls}

So, back to the original story…

I was gorging myself in the lovely shoes that were 1) in my size, 2) fabulous and 3) about $15 a pair! Then Elizabeth made the observation that we now needed a cart! She would comment on the shoes I tried on and then suggest a few herself. I wish I had my camera with me at the time so that you could have seen some of her favorites!

{bronze leather with buckle BCBGirls}

So I have racked up to five pairs of high heels and started toward a sixth when Elizabeth noticed that there are a lot of shoes in the basket and maybe I should check myself.  Although, adding a pair of glitter flip flops would be an “amazing” choice. So I set down the sixth pair and decided to pull myself away.  We then moved over to the sunglasses (another fetish) and we decided they weren’t fabulous enough and continued strolling throughout the clothes and then headed to the girl’s department to look at their huge collection of Princess accessories.  It was mostly jewelry boxes, dress-up clothes and books (all Disney princesses, of course).  While she browsed, I had to come back to reality and be realistic about buying five pairs of shoes (high heels, none the less)!  Miss Priss even recounted them because I thought I only had 4 pairs, when in fact, she informed me there were five.  So I took each pair, retried them on and then decided on three. Yea, three… Did I mention they were BCBGirls? (OH! And last fall, Target had the CUTEST shoes in Mini-Me’s size and I ended up getting her like 9 pair!  Her mom was like, “Janie, you have a shoe fetish!”) Needless to say, events like these only confirm to me that I DO have a problem…a FETISH, if you will…And I in NO WAYam in any position to clean up! I DON”T WANT TO! haha I LOVE shoes too much!

{cream patented leather with buckle and navy striped grosgrain ribbon}

And these were not part of the splurge, but they are a recent addition, too!

YAY! For peep-toes!

Thank You Berry Much

My friend Lauren had this great idea to go pick blueberries on Saturday.  I haven’t picked blueberries in like 10 years, so I was really excited!  She found this precious little place out in the country (Blithe, GA).  It was at a older couple’s house that was surrounded by beautiful vegetation, including the berry bushes, pear trees, pomegranate trees and this huge plant they called a “century” plant that was like 20 feet tall and had a little moat around, “to keep my sons from driving into it.”

Pretty country entrance

Designated parking

Cute berry couple

First we met the wife (Linda) who insisted we start by parking in the designated parking spot (oops!), then we had to don the appropriate attire for picking berries (milk jug with top cut off with rope attached to tie around our waists).  Once we were ready, we went to work and began the picking extravaganza.

Lauren’s berry-bucket-belt

Are we not cute?

While we were picking, the husband (Jim?) came out to chat and tell us how he came about selling gallons of “u pick” blueberries. Apparently he cut down like 70 trees down his driveway, which left 70 stumps.  He said he didn’t want to pay $10 a stump to have them removed ($700 total) and rose bushes also cost too much, so his wifey suggested blueberry bushes!


Good job, Lauren!

After like 5 years, the bushes were booming and he had lots of people coming to pick.  He then decided to start charging $6 a gallon! Supposedly his friend told him he couldn’t do that (crazy cheap) and he told us “I said, well yes I can!” So that’s the history of the berry patch.  He then told us if we got too hot we could come in and get a glass of ice water to cool off and that we could drink it in their a.c.!

Cute house decor

So, after about and hour, we took them up on the offer.  Then, knowing me, I had to have a picture of their Filipino/elderly decorated home (she’s from the Philippines).  They talked our ears off while we sat on their floor about their kids and grand kids. Then after our break, we went back out and finished our third gallon and wrapped up our adventure with a tour of the land and some pictures.


Century Plant

Root system and moat

Lilly pads and lotus’ in the moat

They waved us off and we ended the trip with a stop by a ghetto Dairy Queen (needed something cold and sweet after all that work) and had us some blizzards. Lauren must have talked really sweet to the DQ folks, because they gave her a bigger “small” with whipped cream and a lid!

Ghetto Dairy Queen

Lauren and her HUGE Blizzard!

It was so much fun, and really nice to have something to do in Disgusta while Adam studied! Lauren and I decided we’ll be taking our husbands back with us next time so we’ll get twice as much picked! I hope it becomes a summer tradition! Thanks, Lauren! I had so much FUN!

Thanks Berry Much!