dinner @ dr. roberts

one of the wonderful professors from the dental school had the ENTIRE 2011 class AND their spouses over for a lovely catered dinner. needless to say, we had a fabulous time!

{those hammonds sure clean up!}

{here’s stephen showing us dr. roberts’ new pool}

{the blanks}

{me and smooch}

{i hope i look this good when i’m preggo!}

{pretty christie}

{dental wifies}

{craig and jeff were much of the entertainment}

{i was laughing ALL night!}

{he played us a few tunes before we all left. it was great!}

{the boy’s with dr. roberts}

it was soo much fun and the food was yum! thanks, dr. roberts!


besties come to play

first of all, amy has a new adopted daughter named, maggie. isn’t she PRECIOUS?!

{meet maggie may}

{mags and her auntie, steph}

{after introductions, we decided to celebrate with hibachi!}

{yay for kobe. so yum}

{the chef insisted on throwing veggies into out mouths before he began. adam almost caught his!}

{ i think amy’s hit her in the chin}

{after he did the “mt fuji onion”, he put the flames out with his “pee-pee man”}

{best friends}

{my other best friend, sushi!}

{thanks for hibachi night, smooch!}

i hope we make it a tradition! yum

lunch with paula

paula is my buddy i have spanish with. we go to lunch regularly and have way too much fun.

{hey pretty paula}

{this particular time we ate @ nacho mama’s. yummy as usual!}

{love you paula!}

can’t wait for fall class with her. and maybe minoring in espanol with her, too.

p.s. we both got a’s in our last class! way to go, paula!

concert @ appleby library

one of the few perks of living in augusta is the lovely area of old plantation/savannah-style homes near us. but on of the better perks is living down the street from one that is now a library that offers free concerts in the back yard during the summer.  we have been to several and ebjoyed them all. they have ranged from old-timey music {seen below} to bluegrass and blues. it’s the best summer event we have here and i look forward to next summers, as well!

{isn’t it it lovely?!}

{the library is surrounded by magnolias}

{this window is from a small old building in the library yard}

{our pal brittany was performing. she did great!}


{adam and lindsay}

{erika and trix}

{hey hammonds}

it was a lovely night.

a delightful saturday

my pal lis went through the temple and we met up with our marsh friends!

{isn’t lisa GORGEOUS?!}

{and i sure love my amy}

{it was a great excuse for my love to look extra spiff and to take a picture}

{hey marshs!}

{the amazing jacket my amy gave me!}

it was a lovely saturday. congrats to lis and thanks to the marshs for playing!

p.s. my smooch sure looked extra studly, too!

for steph

i found this and immediately thought of my bestie, steph, and her new found passion for cycling! i thought she would appreciate the little reminders of why bikes are better than autos.

good luck steph and be safe!


the best fish we ever had

we knew him but for such a short period of time {10 days} and loved him dearly. may he rest in peace.

rambo pete arnold schwarzenegger terminator

june 6 – june 16}

yes, this IS a product review…or something like it

i promise to make this less like an ad and more like an experience…

i want color, but nothing to actually be on my lips {that i can feel, at least}. now i do love benetint but not the taste, and the “wannabes” simply are not up to par. but, i was so pleasantly surprised when i tried the new covergirl lipstain and saw the results! the perfect “tint” or “stain” without a strong taste or fragrance and water-based, so no sticky or slimy feel.  and there are lots of lovely shades to choose from, but being the “au naturale” that i am {seen usually wearing burt’s}, i chose the coraly-nude shade {#435}.

p.s. i prefer its matte look, but you can add clear gloss on top for shine.

thanks, covergirl. you really did it!



so here is the follow-up to the france pictures. we visited trevizo, florence, venice and milan…but my stinkin’ camera only captured and saved the shots from milan and cinque terra. and NO gilato pictures. oh well, just another excuse to go back!

p.s. i ate gilato AT LEAST once daily while there. it should be a staple food here in the US as well!

{magical cinque terra & milan}

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ciao, italia!!