okay, one more

{release date currently unknown :( …}


i’m just sayin’


can’t wait

{coming october 16!}

sooo coool

{coming december 25!}

french at its best

{i couldn’t resist!}

native american bike gang

now do y’all believe me?

{this is only the beginning}


just a thought

{makes me laugh!}


my beach vacation with my smooch

all summer has been pretty much a solo act for me, especially the “going on vacation” parts. but the dreaded boards are over and done {thank goooodness} and i FINALLY have my smooch back! anywhoo, he was ready to high tail it out f here and so we did. we jumped into the truck and drove our tushes 2 1/2 hrs to hilton head island {aka the closest paradise via augusta}! we spent most of the time beaching, a lot of the time eating seafood and much of the time sleeping. and so beach+seafood+sleeping=a really good time. we were so glad to have these last few days together before school starts back. it was much needed and even more appreciated!

{hello hilton head}

{these are the palmettos at our hilton in hilton}

{hello beach}

{hey smooch}

{here are some of the local digs. they made for some fun yard-saling!}

{my sweet adam toting my junk so i can take 1000 pictures}

{this was the shrimp boat near our restaurant. they offered “shrimping trips” for $80 a pop…we def want to do it next time. catch our dinner, you know? kind of a forest gump type of activity}

{after my oysters rockefeller and adam’s country boil, we had a pirate experience with putt putt.}

{adam making his shot}

{i preferred the lifted approach}

{yep, i won by 6}

{after putting around for awhile, we went for our evening stroll along the beach. the boardwalk to the beach had a lovely view}

{these are our fun-with-the-timer shots}

{i thought they turned out swimmingly}

{my smooch was so relaxed and relieved to be at the beach. you deserve it, adam love}

{one more timed, for good measure}

{because the beach faced the east, we watched the sun set from the car}

{thank you, hilton head, for your wonderfully relaxing beach and for a lovely weekend away with my love dove.}

the end.

more beaching

for the last weekend before adam’s BIG TEST, i enjoyed more beach time, with my family @ sunset in north carolina.

{it was so fun to play with my siblings for the week. sure miss it}

{can you see the sand blowing 100mph across the ground? it was like a full on miniature sand storm}

{this was pretty much the extent of activity at the house…lounging, with daddy}

{my lovely ‘rents}

{oh benstankin’}

{my entertainment for the week :)}

{let’s do this every year, mar. but next time with adam and mick, too!}