how about another shower

as of this weekend passed, i should be all out if showers to attend! i had one more and what a great one to end with. manda’s cora leigh deserved a lovely one, and that’s just what she got. there was brunch, an amazing diaper cake ;) and tons of presents {pictured below}! now all we need is for littlest miss merrell to make her grand debut!

{steph, manda and baby-to-be cora (slightly pictured)}

{cora’s plethera of presents}

{all us kinfolk – (from far left clockwise, shelby davis, manda, me, kira turek, vanessa turek, hannah daivs and jessica turek) *p.s. notice there must have been a ga game the same day?!}


{manda with linds, aka hostess w/mostess}

{and me with my pride and joy, THE diaper cake}


-it has been quite a season for babies, boy i tell you. wait, i mean girl!


for amy {and nathan}

have fun in boston this weekend and i hope you enjoy the perfect boston-autumn!

{p.s. go sox!}

yep, ANOTHER product review

when it comes to mascara, i am quite particular. many girls enjoy the “classic” tube.

i personally HATE it. well, mostly the HORRIBLE brush.

{i mean, who has only 7 eyelashes?!}

i prefer a HUGE brush. it works the best for my lashes, and so i gravitate to tubes such as this:

{amazing AND $30}.

and so, considering a more practical mascara, my usual go-to is this:

{about $7.35}

but i was just BORED of the usual…so while in target, i spotted an amazingly large brush and @ a less expensive price than my usual!

{i decided to try it @$6.24!}


in black-brown {of course!} it is by FAR my new favorite!

it makes my lashes super full and super long AND is really light weight. and i’m one of those that doesn’t use an eyemakeupremover {lazy, i know} and was even MORE pleased when it easily washed off in the shower.

yay for awesome mascara! LOVE it!


a weekend to remember

it was a very busy and successful weekend.

it started with the newest addition to the blank family, Elizabeth Louise {betsy lou} was born on thursday afternoon {of course on her due date} @ 7lbs 7 ozs. she is the sweetest little angel.

{we love her to pieces}






{i’ve been dubbed, “auntie janie”!!}


friday evening, while having my kiddies through the weekend, we went to malibu jack’s for dinner. the owner seated us next to the huge fish tank and then gave each of the kiddies a finger fishy. everyone was so nice and the atmosphere was very pleasant {dave matthews played in the background}. we had bread to start the meal and it came with some really awesome lime butter that was sweet and yum. adam ordered seared yellow tail with amazing mashed ‘taters and ginger carrots, i had HUGE blackened sea scallops with creamed spinach and the kids of course had a pizza. ;)

{the kids LOVED watching “nemo” swim around in the tank!}


{and they LOVED their finger fishies}


after enjoying our really awesome meal, we were told our check had been taken care of! needless to say, we will DEFINITELY go back, soon! great experience all around.

{p.s. a live band was setting up as we were leaving. another plus!}

after dinner we headed to the $ theater for “up“. can i please tell you how much we loved it?!

precious. highly recommend.


saturday morning i co-hosted ANOTHER baby shower for my friend lindsay wilkin. she’s having a boy {preston} in october and also looks great. my girlfriends sure do set the standard when it comes to how preggos are supposed to look!


later on, adam had to study…{tests mon & tues} so the kiddies and i went on our annual visit to arts in the heart downtown.


our day ended with ice cream from bruster’s {yum}, ordered-out italian {double yum}, and a night in watching “enchanted” {so cute}. this all led to a sunday morning of sleeping in and hanging out while it rained rained rained.

{yes, that is a HUGE raindrop-spot on my shirt…}


oh, what a weekend. fun fun fun.

baby cousin update

{i cannot resist when i get these, i have to show them off!}


love you baby a!

cannot wait

{two more days!}

if you find yourself bored with nothing to do

{this will entertain you, for sure!}

it’s shower season

this saturday was quite eventful. amerika and i have been planning a baby shower for our dear friend lauren for awhile now and the day finally came! we had a precious girly tea party complete with teapots & tea cups, flowers, herbal teas, little chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad, punch and the best {and easiest} cupcakes! we had a lovely time with the girls. lauren has been the best preggo, ever. sweet and super pleasant all the way. did i mention she’s due in three days?!

{here was our token shower game, “guess mommy’s tummy size”. – amy and laura with our lauren}


{it was hilarious how far off we all were. some guessed almost double! – amerika and lauren}


{i came in 2nd with a two-inch overestimation}


{lauren’s mother-in-law, terri was so fun!}


{present time is my favorite. i love all things in tiny sizes! – hey melissa (far right)}


{this was one of the many handmade goodies lauren got. most were made by her sis-in-law, lacy.}


{here is the talented lacy. i envy her skills.}


{some more of our lovely attendants, katie and christie.}


{me and amy}


{a little family portrait, lauren with her lovely mother-in-law and adorable sis-in-law.}


{and then lauren with her hostesses}


we love you lauren and can’t wait to see little betsy-lou, soon!!!

playing catchup, katsup, ketchup

now that it is september, i realized i forgot to share some important events from august.

{my kiddies started kiddiegarten!}



{my smooch aced the boards – he did not like me putting this on here, so modest!}



{manda-panda is almost due! isn’t she just precious?!}


{even though there are no pictures to prove it, aaron also aced his mcat.}

y’all are now offically updated on my biznass!

p.s. i recently joined a native american bike gang. pictures to come later!