a nice day for a round

such a lovely day for golf.


{the man crew}

{practice power swing}

{almost pro}

{the caddy}

this is an activity we partake in regularly, now!


babycake’s blessing

all of the goodwins/merrells gathered yet again for little coraleigh’s blessing. and since we were all dressed so nicely, we did the usual and made a shoot out of it!

{sweet little baby}


{her momma made her lovely dress}


{proud momma}


{family photo}


{you know how we are…}


post halloween post

ooops. did my christmas-y post before my halloween-decor follow-up!


i thought it turned out great.

soon the bats will  be replaced with an autumn wreath and my little ghosts will be filled with chrysanthemums.

have i mentioned how much i LOVE fall?!

christmas craft

brace yourselves…this may be too much to take in {aka long and drawn out for entertainment purposes}.
so… upon receiving my monthly anthropologie catalog, my eyes fell on something amazing.
i know it’s still early, but once it starts, i cannot get away from {control myself of} christmas cheer {decorating}.
okay, back to the story.
when i opened the catalog i of course loved all of what i saw, but then was STUNNED by a lovely LOVELY tree topper!
“a tangle of glitter-frosted branches and a sprinkling of winter stars yield an ethereal crown for firs and pines.” what more could you ask for in a tree topper?!
i mean, do you really think your angels and stars could really compete with the “mystic nest“?!

the best part is the price. it also took my breath away. $389!!! no it’s not a typo.

not $3.89, or $38.99…THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-NINE DOLLARS! haha pretty funny.

after gawking at the limited photos i had from the catalog and online, i decided i could def create my own. especially when they list the materials used to make such a monstrosity!

– cardboard, glitter, plastic, metal, paper, cotton. totally doable.

tomorrow, to michael’s i go.

wish me luck!

p.s. i may go CRAZY and try my luck at a wreath-version as well!

happy birthday, momma

i wish you 50 more fabulous years! ;)

{love you with all my heart}