it’s christmas time, again

with the holiday season in full swing, we hopped into our family truckster and started our traveling all over the grand state of georgia. we are very blessed to have our families so close that we can make the trips within a small amount of time, but BOY HOWDY have we driven a ton this year!

we started out with our annual getaway to charleston {always a treat} and then made a pit stop home to pick up our pups from home. we then headed to kennesaw for three days with the crows. christmas with my family means really good homemade – mexican food, plenty of scrabble, all the classic christmas movies and my momma’s yum treats. it was great fun and very rewarding!

{momma’s mantle – my yearly craft}

on the eve of christmas we traveled back to our own little home and adam and i exchanged our gifts and then proceeded to watch our newest office dvd’s until to bed we went. it was so nice to have our own little christmas together this year. i think we deserved it, being our fifth-year anniversary! it was so nice to sleep in and take our time in such a quiet house with our pups. our little family.

after chrismas we headed to the goodwins for even more festivities. the first night we exchanged gifts with grandmother and papaw, then later with the goodwins and THEN the following day with my lovely in-laws! it’s fun to draw names with them each year. doooglas has really impresed me with his talent for finding JUST the right gift for me {can’t go wrong with a pretty headband}. and adam was very pleased with his golf hat from his sis. ANYWHO…all of these present-exchanging activities has left us with the need for more luggage to take it all home!

after church we headed to visit little coraleigh and to see what she was up to. we LOVE our little cora-lily. she is at that great stage where she has a cute personality shown off with her cute little faces. her most recent cuteness – addition would have to be her birdy-mouth and her fascination with the phrase “whoo”. aaron and i would hold her and say it over and over and she would giggle and respond with either a little birdy-mouth or she would laugh out loud. that is my personal favorite! it was great to spend some time with manda and dooog in their pretty home. and it was even nicer to be fed so well by them, too!

i kind of feel like this had turned into a type of newsletter…so sorry for that! but new years eve has drawn near {being tonight} and so i must go get my festive attire ready, do my face and control my newly chopper bangs {don’t worry, i will have pictures to follow}!

happy new years from us goodwins to you and yours!

p.s. we have seen three movies in the past couple weeks and i wanted to make a small comment regarding those.

1) fantastic mr. fox: if you appreciate artist movies and like fun story lines, you will LOVE this movie! i give it an A++!

2) avatar: this movie has received lots of hype for its “cgi’s” and what not. the movie def suffered from all the attention the visuals were receiving. the story line was lacking and the political agenda was a bit too much. a modern – day fern gully, if you will…but not nearly as good! i give it a C-

3) sherlock holmes: this movie really surprised me. i assumed {they say not to} that with the men that starred {robert downey and jude law} it was going to be all masculine and borderline macho – movie. it was so great. it was def more of a “guy’s movie” but was so tastefully done! the story was very entertaining and well thought through. i don’t want to give too much away, but with rachel mcadams it was a really great movie! see it! and yes, another A++!


happy 5th anniversary, adamlove

to my smooch of five blissful years!

we went on our traditional anniversary trip to charleston and had the BEST time so far!

{the beach was nice and the sea breeze crisp}

{we ate at some AWESOME locations and had some GREAT seafood!}

one of our new favorites is slightly-north-of-broad, or as the locals call it, s.n.o.b. yum.

when we first walked in all the staff knew it was our anniversary {probably from our reservations} and told us “happy anniversary” several times. so sweet. and then our waitress proceeded to bring us flutes of sparkling wine, “on the house”. when we told her, ever-so-politely, that we don’t drink, she graciously returned the drinks and replaced them with our favorite dessert;

crème brûlée!

{after a lovely treat we got to see the lights of charleston. it was a perfect ending to our holiday getaway!}

love you, smooch!

tooth gets married

the big day finally came! it was lovely and lots of fun. congrats to amy and anthony!

{the studly groomsman}

{the happy couple}

{happy 5th anniversary, smooch!}

the girl’s christmas gathering

our annual gathering was so fun this year!

it makes me so happy to have my bf’s come see me. i told them it’s kind of like therapy! we always have so much fun together. we see each other so little throughout the year that when this time comes, it’s a real treat!

{our cheesy annual shot}

i miss you steph & amy and i love you both dearly.

my thanksgiving

i really did it this year! i made thanksgiving dinner, with awesome help, of course!

it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

we roasted a 23-pounder with onions, lemons, oranges, thyme and rosemary. superb. i also whipped up some dressing with bartletts and spicy italian sausage! so good. in addition; creamed garlic spinach, corn, pies pies pies and rolls. completed with simply apple! oh, and smooch made some yum sweet potatoes! all so wonderful.

{you probably can’t’ see, but i drew plates/place settings on the brown paper table cloth. it turned out great!}

it was fun to have the family over, although mar was truly missed as she was at grandma’s in texas.

we had SO much to be thankful for and we were so glad to share such a bountiful meal together.

thanks to country living for the fabulous recipes!