a little bit of this and a lot of that

hey everybody!

yes, i am still breathing. panting, if you will. life had gone through a huge, fast and busier than ever phase. last i noted, i was in class waiting desperately to leave for ny.

so classes ended, i finished my projects/assignments, packed like a mad woman for ny and left in a whirl. adam had a two week externship there, one of which i was able to stay for. a full week of nyc was amazing. we tried to hit up all the usual spots, but were fortunate enough to stay with awesome friends who live in brooklyn who could really show us a great time!

after my week in ny, i flew home alone and spent the next week missing my adam terribly. i was ill and being without him made it worse…but i made it!

after adam was safe and home, he was able to stay home a full week before leaving again for rome, ga. for another two weeks. again, hard, but i made it work.

aside from the separation and not feeling well, the summer hasn’t been too bad! we’ve had slower schedules allowing for more downtime. case in point; all is well! no worries!


cutest kids ever

why being a nanny ain’t half bad. :)