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About Janie

hola, amigos. me llamo janie! my husband and i are currently living in southeastern ga and going to school. life is very busy but i make time to devote some of my energy to my passion (second to my husband), design! i prefer interiors and clothing and with a student's budget...they come in an interesting variety. but i love color and making things beautiful, so i always have some project going on! i hope my blog is in some ways a conglomerate of prettiness for you all to enjoy!

9 responses to “this, too

  1. Amy

    i’m in LOVE with Katie Holmes. cute picture!!

  2. thosetolberts

    You are going to just LOVE having a daughter. It’s the best thing ever!!

  3. Shannon Carey

    You’re not pregnant are you? These posts are making me wonder! How the heck have you been? I haven’t seen you in forever!

  4. Shannon Carey

    we are STILL in TX! And we have 2 girlies now. You are going to LOVE IT! I need your email so I can invite you to my blog. AND to catch up of course! Oh man, you’re baby is going to be beautiful! And tall.

  5. Sydney

    ok A you have a baby now you should be blogging every day with cute little pics of her… :)

    and B umm why have I not been invited to read your second blog. Come one Janie!
    Love u

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