some recent favorites {by request}

i have received some requests for my current favorites. sorry it’s been so long since my last list… i hope you enjoy!

1) essie playa de platinum

my new favorite color. goes on well and stays on great. and the shade is even multi-seasonal! usually found on my fingers.

2) benefit erase paste

my preggo – eyes are no more! it’s magic, really. magic paste. most other concealers do not come in “janie shade”, but in the lightest shade, best yet. even for little blemishes, this stuff covers.

3) f21 {fenton/fallon knockoff} chain necklace

pretty and goes with everything. i wear it all the time.

4) chloe perfume

second to my usual chance eau fraiche. it smells like clean laundry!

5) bella b tummy honey butter

thanks to linds, i was introduced to this lovely product. makes my tummy suuuper supple. no itchy – tight – irritating tummy! and the smell is wonderful. reminds me of bumble and bumble’s brilliantine, if you’re familiar.

6) garnier skin renew anti puff eye roll

the only eye product to work for me. lightened the dark circles and tightened up the puffiness. it’s really light and does the job.

7) bdg v-neck tees

soft. stretchy. long. preggo – appropriate. and comes in great shades like mint!

8) pure & natural body wash {almond oil cherry blossom}

i’m moving into more natural products lately… at least in the soap/wash department… and this has a nice light scent that makes my skin soo soft. great for the tub, too!

the end!


About Janie

hola, amigos. me llamo janie! my husband and i are currently living in southeastern ga and going to school. life is very busy but i make time to devote some of my energy to my passion (second to my husband), design! i prefer interiors and clothing and with a student's budget...they come in an interesting variety. but i love color and making things beautiful, so i always have some project going on! i hope my blog is in some ways a conglomerate of prettiness for you all to enjoy!

One response to “some recent favorites {by request}

  1. Aubrey

    Oooo I’m going to have to try that Erase Paste, because most companies don’t carry Aubrey shade either!

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