for my b-day

i want this!



steals and deals

just some of my favorite great buys & comparisons i thought i could share!


$50 @ steve madden

$250 @ jcrew

{patterned flats}

$12 @ target

$98 @  jcrew

{metallic flats}

$20 @ old navy

$98 @ jcrew

{neon sandals}

$10 @ old navy

$50 @ jcrew

{black skinnies}

$13 @ forever21

$125 @ jcrew

{floral headband}

$3 @ forever21

$25 @ jcrew

{skinny studded belt}

$7 @ forever21

$37 @ jcrew

i love these kids

{aren’t they adorable?!}

{best fictional couple. ever.}

p.s. i made these

so i found a really cooool girl that makes lots of cooool things! she finds really easy ways of putting stuff together and it looks great. you should def check her out!

anywho…i was feeling crafty after checking out her site and came up with some of my own.

in going to a mardi gras birthday party, we needed some fancy head-wear! so i went to work.  not tooo impressive, but i like them!

with $5 worth of peacock feathers, tacky glue, a bit of ribbon and some headbands…voila!

{one feather attached to one skinny headband}

{3 feathers laid on one wide headband}

party time!

the end.

p.p.s. i have lost my camera charger…so please excuse my camera – phone photos.


i once had a chip…from some rough-housing…

then my dentist {husband} flawlessly fixed it, and now it’s all better!



thanks, smooch!

our prayers are with the haitians

as most of you know, there was a terrible earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this week. the devastation is outrageous and the people are in major need of relief!

you can help by texting the phrase “Haiti” to the number 90999 and donate $10 to the Red Cross or you can purchase one of the Love, Taza headbands here and all proceeds go to the Doctors Without Borders Relief Fund.

to donate directly you may also go here.

may the Lord be with the Haitians at this time and may you keep them in your prayers.

smooth as satin

i read in allure awhile ago that one of the best ways to protect/help the condition of your hair was by sleeping on a satin pillowcase. apparently 100% cotton can cause wear and tear on your hair as you toss and turn while sleeping. you can tell when comparing the textures that it makes perfect sense.

now, the feel of satin has always seemed skanky to me. i just assumed only odd individuals would own satin sheets, let alone satin pillowcases and after reading the tip, i knew i could never sleep on satin sheets, but that perhaps i could try a pillowcase. so recently i came across one and decided to try it! it’s amazing, really! it makes a world of difference. and not just for my hair but for my face and skin, too. i feel like i also get a better nights sleep on a satin pillowcase. there’s something really nice about how smooth and soft it is. now if you have seen my house and know my taste, you know very well that i am not the glamorus/satin – sheet kind of girl. i prefer cotton all the way, even in what i wear. so i have not changed out all my pillows to satin, just the designated one i sleep with. so if you come visit, you’ll have to bring your own!

and i know this is a really random idea, but i think if your try it you’ll convert! your hair and face will thank you!

everything is illuminated

such a good movie!

{not at all what i expected}

A+ !

{the book is in the mail. i can’t wait!}